Words of Wisdom courtesy of Nigel Risner

Some of the mistakes we all make in our daily lives, that if we start addressing now, will give us a better chance to have a fantastic 2010!

1) Waking up and then trying to figure out what you are going to do that day based on what you feel like doing. High performing men and women know days, weeks and sometimes even months or years in advance what their tasks and timelines are. At the very least until you get the hang of it, plan your next day in advance, at least the night before.

2) Not having your tasks prioritized. When planning your day and mapping out your projects, figure out which activities should be done and in the precise order based upon importance. Create a written list and on the list, number which items are to be completed and in which sequence. 1 is most important, 2 is next most important, etc.

3) Doing it all yourself AKA Not using professionals because you think you can’t afford it. It takes you at least 10 times longer to learn how to clumsily carry out a task that a specialist can do in a few minutes. You can’t be outstanding at your specialty if you’re trying to be everyone, and do everything yourself, i.e. webmaster, accountant, publicist, grass cutter, etc. (Because you try to do it all yourself is precisely the reason you can’t afford it.) You will never reach optimum efficiency with this approach. It’s like driving a car with one foot on the break. Hire professionals and let them do what they do best.

4) Not having a role model. A model is someone you can emulate. A model who will show you the ropes, saving you valuable time, energy and money. Your model will probably have been there and done that and can spare you from making a multitude of unnecessary mistakes.

5) Not having a Coach. A Coach is different from a model, as a coach can zero in on helping you advance specific Goals and stay focused on the tasks necessary to achieve them.

6) Spending time on things that are unnecessary, spending valuable hours disinfecting your desk, reorganizing your file cabinets and dusting your keyboard with a Qtip in the middle of the workday is the ultimate procrastination. If those things must be done, do them before your workday begins or after the workday ends. You won’t waste the hours when it’s taking away from your fun time.

7) Not working on you. My mentor taught me to work harder on myself than I do on my business. I still practice reading and listening to motivational tapes first thing in the morning every morning and all throughout the day. Doing this equips me with the mindset needed to go confidently into the day with a positive mindset.

8) Spending large amounts of time and energy with others who do not work on themselves. Getting around other focused, motivated people with Goals, dreams of their own will inspire you. Their positive energy is contagious. Ask your friends, what they are reading, what they are working on, what their Goals are. You become like the people you hang around. Hang around a crowd that challenges you to grow and be your best.

9) Not taking time to celebrate when you reach a Goal. Give yourself the gift of reveling in your achievement. You will habitually learn to tap deeper into your own internal reservoir of motivation when you know there’s a pot of Gold of your own design waiting for you.

10) Not having a long term vision to empower you. If all you are doing is racking up a bunch of meaningless tasks, you are merely killing time. Know your purpose for each activity and know how that purpose relates and contributes to the bigger picture of your life, which ultimately gives your time and life greater meaning.