Don’t Just Dream it, Do it!

Don’t Just dream it Do It, Goal Setting that Really Works for Network Marketers.  This Audio Goal Getting Workshop 3 CD set will be launched on April 12th and is a must for anyone looking to acheive the most out of life. 

Success: It appeals to everyone. It is enjoyed by few.  If you want to join the ranks of the fabulously successful then listen to Chris. With brilliant clarity he teaches HOW to take “goal directed action” on a daily basis. If you are serious about your own success, this is the series for you. Tom Barrett, Ph.D., Author: Dare to Dream and Work to Win

 ”There are two types of Network Marketers in the world.  Those that know how to set goals and those that think they know how to set goals. These CD’s are for both of you. Aimless is not an option!” Tom “Big Al” Schreiter

 “Chris has mastered this important skill and is now teaching it within his network, the results speak for themselves, in my opinion this is a must listen for anyone who wants to better their business and personal life” Barry Phillips, Knowledge Is King

 The 3 CD set is £20.00 and a portion of the sales revenue from the CD’s will be donated to ‘The Make-A-Wish Foundation’

 To purchase your advance copy and get free postage go to Chris’ blog