Flexible Mobile Tariffs

With a Flex Tariff from the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, you can enjoy generous and flexible monthly mobile phone call and text allowances to any UK mobile network!

Flex Tariffs provide inclusive local, national, any-network mobile call and text allowances.

One flex unit = one text message or one minute. Use any combination of Flex units you like, and any calls or texts outside your allowance are up to 85% cheaper than other networks!

There are three options available:

Flex300 – from just £12 per month including a flexible monthly allowance   of 300 any-network calls or texts, or any combination of them.

Flex600 – from just £18 per month, gives you double the monthly allowance of Flex300.

Flex1000 – designed for high users, providing 1000 inclusive any network minutes or texts from just £24 per month.

Simply choose the Flex Tariff that’s right for you!

Sign up today – either visit www.123savings.co.uk or call freephone 0800 496 8111 to discuss your requirements.