How to Win Business Grants

It’s free money, but millions of pounds of business grants go unclaimed each year because firms assume they’re not eligible or that applications will be too complicated.  yet securing a grant need not be mission impossible…

1. Do your research – there are a multitude of grants out there, including EU, Government, local authority and regional grants for ‘green’ and sustainable projects.

2. Show that you will use your money wisely – Your application needs to be memorable and show that the grant will bring tangible benefits.

3. Plan carefully – You need to make sure your application satisfies the grant provider’s requirements and that your targets are measurable.  Ask someone who has no knowledge of your project to read your application prior to submission and ask for their honest feedback.

4. Be patient – Once you have submitted your application you might get a call to clarify facts, but normally its just a case of yes or no.  It could be a matter of weeks before you hear back from the grant awarding body.  Do not get despondent if your application fails.