Earn an income which could change your life!

How many people do you know who use the phone, switch on a light, turn on the oven or use the internet? The Utility Warehouse is not asking people to spend extra money on services they do not normally use, they are simply offering the same services but with one major difference – they offer far better value! You will be tapping into a market where people and businesses are already spending many billions of £’s a year.

Every time your customers make a phone call, switch on a light, turn on the heating or surf the net, you could be getting paid!

By becoming an Independent Distributor (ID) with the Utility Warehouse Discount Club, which costs £199.75, not only do you gather your own personal customers, but you can introduce new Distributors into the business as well.  As an ID you can earn a Customer Gathering Bonus (‘CGB’) of up to £42.50 for every new customer; extra bonuses when an Distributor you’ve introduced gathers a customer and a regular monthly income of around 5% on calls made by your personal customers, together with a share of everything they spend on all the other services the Utility Warehouse provides them.

Here are some of the benefits:

◦   generate an increasing wealth by helping people save money
◦   earn a generous ongoing monthly income
◦   no experience necessary
◦   free training and support provided
◦   upfront bonuses and fantastic incentives
◦   work the hours to suit you
◦   no stock to carry or targets to meet
◦   share option scheme

Earn a 90-Day Starter Bonus of £500!  Every Distributor who joins the Utility Warehouse Discount Club as a Distributor on or before 31st March 2011 and signs up at least 12 qualifying customers and/or Distributors within their first 90 days, can earn a bonus of £500. What a fantastic opportunity to give your business and New Year a flying start!

To find out more about the Utility Warehouse business opportunity please visit www.123income.co.uk or call 0800 496 8111 today.