Need an extra landline number at home?

Using the latest internet technology, the Utility Warehouse can provide you with an extra landline number at home. Unlike a normal landline, it connects to the internet. It’s called Internet Phone! With line rental from just £2, you can save over 80% compared with a new line from BT!

There are two Internet Phone options available:

Fixed Connection – ideal if you need an extra line at home and/or have a second home overseas. Line rental costs just £2 a month.

Wireless Connection – the Utility Warehouse’s exclusive Wi-Fi handset enables you to make and receive calls anywhere you have wireless internet access. Line rental costs just £4 per month.

The Utility Warehouse Internet Phone is a home phone line with several key benefits:

◦   line rental starts at just £2 per month – that’s over 80% cheaper than an extra line from BT
◦   make and receive calls anywhere in the world where you have internet access
◦   it’s free to receive calls
◦   calls made are charged at low Home Phone rates – huge savings compared to BT.

To apply for an Internet Phone or to find out more please visit